Portable basketball hoop are very popular because of the flexibility for location and height.  You can adapt any basketball hoop portable to any height you need and any age.  You may find it hard to find one because of all the options you have available.  But don’t be discouraged, you can follow the chart below for the top best Portable basketball Hoops of 2016.NBA Hoop magazine covers all famous events and videos on NBA and here we cover a buying guide so you can easily and quickly find that best portable basketball hoops you have been looking for.>

Why would you need to buy a Basketball Hoop?

There are several reasons to purchase this portable adjustable basketball hoop.  But I guess the main reason is that they are portable.  So that means you can take it from the drive way to the beach. Cheap portable basketball hoops are a great for family entertainment and also easy on the wallet.

I have never played basketball but I have watched it on TV while my son and husband watched it and I know it is definitely a team sport.  Also you need good equipment to play. So you want to buy something that is durable and will hold up through many hours of play.

The best portable basketball hoop is getting rave reviews because it has more flexibility with the location and height.  Families are picking the portable basketball systems because they are easier to install and will adapted to all ages.  You just have to research so you will know what you are getting, and don’t just get the cheaper one.  Just because the price is good doesn’t mean the product is good.

There are several reviews that are listed on the internet for basketball hoops and basketball systems.  I will write about some of the reviews for portable basketball systems that are listed.

Don't Feel Like Reading? Here's Our Top Choice:

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

Lifetime 1221 Pro CourtThe Lifetime-1221-Height-Adjustable-Basketball System is what you and your children need.  With the adjustable backboard and the other star options unless you are raising the next NBA star you are in luck. You can really take advantage of this basketball system with the 44-inch backboard.  It is portable so you can take it anywhere, from the driveway to the beach.  This would be great for vacations.

Portable Basketball Hoops Comparison Table

  • Product   
  • Rating 
  • Rim Size 
  • Height
  • Height-Adjustable 
  • Dimensions 
  • Shipping   

Top Rated Portable Basketball System

Portable Basketball System Spalding 68564

This system is good for your driveway and is a mid-level portable basketball system.  It is a typical Spalding portable hoop and you can raise and lower it between 7 and 10 feet.  The design for the system has a 40 gallon capacity that can be filled with sand or water.  The price on Amazon is $545 to $500. This is a good one but not as good as the inground system. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose this one to purchase though.


  • 54″ backboard, 3/16″ Acrylic Steel Board Frame, 16″ Board Offset
  • Screw Jack Lift System
  • 3 Piece, 3.5″ Round Steel Pole
  • 20 degree Pole angle Arena Slam Breakaway Rim
  • Authentic Style Board Pad
  • 40 Gallon Ballast Base
  • 2 wheels Front
  • Cover Rebounder During Play

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Basketball System

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

  • 60″ – Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop
  • The portable basketball system – 54″ Aluminum Trim
  • The height adjustable portable basketball system from Lifetime 1221 Pro Court
  • The height adjustable portable basketball system from Lifetime XL base
  • Pro Court Portable basketball system from Lifetime 1269
  • The height adjustable portable basketball system from Lifetime 1479
  • Court side portable basketball system with 48 inch from Lifetime 51550
  • Complete portable basketball system, with 48″ Shatter from Lifetime 1531
  • Competition XL portable basketball system from Lifetime 71522
  • Youth portable basketball system from Lifetime
  • 60” tempered glass backboard
  • Heavy duty steel frame with aluminum trim
  • 2 piece, 5” square angled pole, Screw in water level gauge base caps
  • 4 point, welded Z-arm board mount
  • Pro Image breakaway rim
  • Instructional style screwjack lift provides infinite height adjustment from 7.5 to 10
  • 50 gallon capacity dual ballast base
  • 4 strut pole/base mount for superior rigidity
  • Multi-wheel castors with engaging handle for easy portability
  • Grey inset in cover for pre-play movement

Spalding 74560 ‘The Beast’

spalding the beast portable basketball hoop


Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System

This lifetime portable basketball system is considered entry level and the backboard will adjust in height from 7.5 to 10 feet. It is hard to install but once you do it you will find it to be quite sturdy. This is a good system for families with younger children or senior citizens.  The price at Amazon is $290 to $400.  Listed below are the features that were listed:

  • 54″ heavy duty, ¾” thick, 1 x 1, steel-framed, tempered glass backboard
  • Arena-style aluminum board trim and board pad for durability
  • Structural steel H-frame board brackets
  • Four point welded Z-arms board mounts provide increased stability and goal reinforcement

Portable Basketball System Spalding 68454

The backboard on this one has a 4″ square pole, an Arena Slam breakaway and a 54″ tempered glass backboard.  The cost on Amazon $550 to $600 with the crank adjusts system you can adjust it from 7.5 to 10 foot.  Good enough for any size player.  According to the review this a very popular system and one they recommend. They say it is a beautiful hoop with a durable rim.

  • 4″ square pole, No installation
  • 54″ heavy duty ¼” thick 1 x 1 steel framed tempered glass backboard
  • Arena-style aluminum board trim and board pad for durability
  • Structural steel H-frame board brackets
  • Four point welded Z-arms board mounts provide increased stability and goal reinforcement

Portable Basketball System Spalding 68395R

This Spalding Portable Hoop according to the reviews is middle of the road to low end.  The cost on amazon would be between $460 and $500. Remember you get what you pay for.  The review stated that if you are going to play a lot of basketball they would upgrade to a more durable system. It comes with the pole pad, an Arena Slam rim, and it also has a 40 gallon base which you can choose to fill with water or sand and comes with a polycarbonate backboard that is sturdy enough if you are not using it all the time and only have one or two players. 

The pole is in 3 sections.  It comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • A 4″ square pole
  • Can adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet made with the Screw Jack
  • Lift System which is a crank handle mechanism

We have talked a lot about Spalding but do you know the history of the company?  I found it quite interesting.  A.G. Spalding and his brother who was a founder who played for the Boston Red Stockings as a pitcher.  For well over a century Spalding has been on the cutting edge of the sporting goods industry.  Today they manufacture their products with the name of Russell Brands LLC.  Dudley and Spalding trademarks are owned by Russell Brands.  Spalding is proud to be the largest basketball equipment supplier. Spalding is the leading producer of soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs and basketball.Under the name of the Dudley Brand Spalding produces softballs.

The top 10 reasons to buy a basketball hoop

  • Every child can play – Whether they are boy or girl, just kids of all abilities that want to have fun and exercising to do it.
  • You can play by yourself-you don’t need more than one. Most sports require more than one child to play.
  • Increased exercise makes you tired and therefore you sleep a lot better.
  • Increased exercise also clears away the cob webs from your mind and makes you think with a clear mind. There is a book called Spark that has been written on this subject.
  • When you exercise you increase your appetite so be careful that the carbs are not piling up on you.
  • Are you trying to help with the laundry? You can make a game out of it.  For instance you can put the socks together and make you a goal in the house.  Now try to get the socks into the goal.
  • There is nothing more promised than watching as a place chiseled out of time to bond while shooting hoops.
  • If you are tired of watching your child playing all those video games and never getting to be outside. Playing basketball increases hand-eye coordination because playing basketball is a full body, multi-dimensional.
  • They are safe because they are playing in the comfort of their own driveway. You know where they are and what they are doing and with whom they are doing it.  It keeps then at home.
  • Your child will want to be outside more and some fresh air will do him. The children came and went and still the goal stood tall waiting for another round of free throws, lowering the hoop down to dunk and 3-point shots.

Make sure you check out the warranties on these systems when you buy them.

What People Say

Everyone has an opinion and nowadays they aren’t afraid to share it with the world.  Even social media can get involved.  For instance you can advertise on Twitter and Facebook.  USA Basketball also set a program to populate this game, name Hoops for Troops. Almost anywhere you go there is someone standing in line that needs to give their opinion. Yes there are many opinions on the portable Basketball Hoop out there.  Some people don’t like the backboards and then some do.  There are many reviews and not all of them positive.  Some people think that 40 pounds of water or sand is too much.  But then there are those that love it and chose to have it in their driveway or at their church.  Some people are griping about the pole while other people are just dealing with putting it together.   I don’t usually pay attention to the whiners because I figure if they weren’t griping about the best portable basketball hoop they would be griping about something else.

So now that you have ingested all of this material about portable basketball systems you can make the decision of which one you want to buy for you and your family.  Be prepared for many hours of bonding together as you play.  If you are passionate about your basketball you are in for a real treat. Children are more apt to talk to you if you spend the time it takes out of your day.  Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to be with your kids and do some serious bonding.  After all, we all need exercise, so we might as well be enjoying ourselves with the best portable basketball hoop.